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Cluster Council

Horsforth Cluster Council is an opportunity for our children and young people within Horsforth to make a difference to where we live and go to school. It is a forum where each school can share good ideas, learn from each other and talk with our local community members.

The cluster council meets four times a year including a training session. Horsforth School students are responsible for the organisation and are the driving force for the cluster council.

Why do we need a cluster council?

  • To influence on a local area/​community
  • Increasing school level participation.
  • Tackle an issue that are identify as a problem, work together and making a difference.
  • Consult with the Area Committee and activity providers to provide positive activities are on offer within Horsforth.
  • Share resources with other community groups and common issues.

Parent Forum

Horsforth Cluster Parent’s Forum is an opportunity for parents to get together to share information, ideas and to offer support and advice to one other.

We aim to empower parents to seek out funding for community development in the cluster, be proactive in developing and advertising a range of different courses for the community and create a group which supports each other and the community as a whole.

The Parent’s Forum can be a valuable resource for you and can help you make a positive difference in the lives of others in your community.

Come and join us, we look forward to hearing from you!


Where? Brownlee Stone Centre, Town Street, LS18 5BL

Contact: Lucy Gaunt and Amy Shaffrey 0113 336 7724


Listening to parents is key to planning and delivering effective services and policies for families and children.

We recognise that Parents are the experts on their family’s needs and wishes and can offer a grounded understanding of how best services can support families.

That’s why we need your help……

Currently no consultations.

Want to share an idea or have something to say do not hesitate to get in touch.